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Mental Health First Aid

Do you know anyone who has experienced a mental health or substance use-related crisis?  Have you wanted to support them but did not know how?  Do you feel stuck or helpless when you encounter someone who is having these concerns?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider taking the Mental Health First Aid course. In this course, you learn signs, symptoms, and risk factors for mental health and addiction concerns. You also learn strategies on how to help someone in a crisis and non-crisis situation and how they can access help. You will also learn how to interact with a person in a crisis, which will include listening nonjudgmentally, assessing for risk of harm or suicide, giving reassurance and information, encouraging appropriate self-help and other strategies.   We are here to help you help others. 


Types of Courses 

There are two Mental Health First Aid courses.  


Youth Mental Health First Aid


Youth Mental Health First Aid focuses on youth between the ages of 12 and18 years old. In this course, you will learn about risk factors and warning signs that adolescents may exhibit during a mental health crisis. Also, you will learn about early interventions, resources and strategies you can use to help. Additionally, you will learn about signs and symptoms of mental health challenges that you may see in youth, which will include anxiety, depression, eating disorders and ADHD. 


Adult Mental Health First Aid


Adult Mental Health First Aid focuses on individuals 18 and older, who may be experiencing a mental health crisis or substance use-related crisis. You will learn common signs and symptoms of mental health and substance use challenges. 


These courses do not teach you how to diagnose or provide therapy; instead, they teach you the steps you can take to help a youth or an adult in a crisis or non-crisis situation. You can take one or both courses and become a certified mental health first aider for 3 years. 


Who should take this course?

This course will help anyone who wants to take the initial steps of supporting someone who may be exhibiting symptoms of a mental or substance use-related crisis. This course will give you strategies to help friends, family members, co-workers and others in your community. The following professionals should consider signing up for this course: 

  • Employers

  • Teachers

  • Police officers

  • Medical professionals 

  • First responders 

  • College/university leaders

  • Educators/school administrators

  • Human resource professionals

  • Nurses/physician assistants/primary care workers

  • Public safety personnel

  • Members of faith communities

  • Social services staff and volunteers

  • Policymakers

  • Caseworkers 


Course Teaching Method


These courses are offered in person (7.5 hours) or blended (2 hours of self-paced online work and 4.5 hours in virtual class).

If you are interested in learning more about this course or would like to sign up, please click the button below.

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